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Bernedoodle Fort Collins, CO

"Taylor is simply amazing. We brought home our boy yesterday and his temperament is incredible. He’s calm, confident, smart, sweet, and SO loving. He’s clearly been beautifully socialized during his 8 weeks with Taylor. Plus, he’s already completely crate trained and pretty much completely potty trained as well. He knows his name, and even knows how to sit! He’s perfect. And Taylor. Where do I even begin? She’s the best of the best. Really. She was incredibly communicative the entire time and was constantly sending updates, photos, videos, etc. She’s truly cares about the puppies and does everything she can to ensure they receive all they need, both physically and emotionally. The puppies are raised in her home and treated as a part of the family during their time with her, and it really makes a huge difference in temperament. She’s a rare find. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!!"

-Winston and Bilbro Family,  Fort Collins, CO 

"When we first contacted Taylor about a golden doodle puppy, Sophie hadn't even had her litter yet. Taylor kept us updated with every puppy that came, and when we reached a decision of which one we would adopt we received pictures and updates at least three or four times a week, which we loved! Our dood, Borgie, got an eye infection (completely unpreventable), and Taylor had us informed of it before the prescription was even done being filled! She was willing to work with us in any way that we wanted, which really showed that she cared. Our dood was raised around many different ages of children in his first 8 weeks and I whole heartedly believe that is why he is so great with kids now! One of the best things about the Vandenbark's is how personal the adoption process was. We felt like we knew our puppy every step of the way and the transition into our home was much easier! I recommend the Vandenbark's for anyone who is looking for a new fur baby in their life."

-Borgie and Melisa, Casper WY

Goldendoodle Casper, WY
Goldendoodlen Frederick, CO

"From the first time we spoke to Taylor on the phone, we knew she was the breeder for us and that we were going to add a Vandenbark Goldendoodle to our family. We wanted a black Goldendoodle and luckily the Vandenbark litter had many to choose from.  Taylor would send pictures and update us often as we waited for the pick-up date. Finally when the puppies where 9 weeks old Taylor and her family met us at a location close to us and we got our puppy. We could not have been more excited. Finn came to us housebroken, he would sit by the door and give a little bark that he needed out. He is very smart and talented.  He is great when it comes to children and he gets along fine with our other dog Max.

Finn is a true family companion. His loyalty and unconditional love makes him the ideal family member. He loves to travel and has accompanied us on various trips. Finn’s playful demeanor provides comic relief and he is a social butterfly at the dog park. We are truly thankful that we found Vandenbark Goldendoodles. We would recommended their Goldendoodles to anyone looking to add a member to their family.

Vandenbark Goldendoodles deserve families who will be responsible in every way and Taylor would accept nothing less. For people that keep their dogs inside, treat them as part of the family and meaningfully engage with their dogs then one of their Goldendoodles would be an ideal choice."

-Finn and Marci, Frederick CO

"We have fallen in love with our wonderful Teddy. He is the first Goldendoodle we have had, and he is not only smart but exceptionally well behaved. He came to us housebroken at 8 weeks. He already knew his name too. Teddy is very loving, very family- oriented and mixes beautifully with other dogs.
Vandenbark Goldendoodles is an exceptional place. Never have I received a puppy so well along the path to good behavior. As a puppy, Teddy was inquisitive and took direction well, as he is exceptionally intelligent. Teddy's parents produced what we often call the perfect dog. His obedience training went well and he is loved by our family and friends. His disposition is amazing: he is humorous, he is fully engaged and quickly responsive. He does not shed. He never smells. He is always joyful. Our Theodore Roosevelt is, without a doubt, the best puppy we have ever had. He had chewed nothing. He has not once messed in the house. He loves getting combed and is our groomer's favorite dog, although he doesn't need her services but maybe twice a year.
I have recommended Vandenbark Goldendoodles to our family and friends without hesitation."

-Teddy and William - Denver, CO

Goldendoodle Denver, CO
Bernedoodle Broomfield, CO

"We brought one of Stella’s puppies home a few days ago. He came with very organized paperwork and lots of love. He is so sweet. We decided to get Bennie after a very sad loss of our previous puppy. Bennie came to us house trained-only 2 accidents which is amazing. He goes to the door and rings his bell when he wants to go out. He also came crate trained. He has a hard time going in, but once he gets in he settles without incident and seems to love his space. He has slept through the night twice and if he doesn’t he only gets up once. We can tell he was so loved in Taylor’s home before we brought him home. He is already used to our boys and he has little fear to sounds. He also loves to ride in our car. We are so smitten with him and are very happy we chose Vandenbark."

-Bennie and Gaiser Family - Broomfield, CO 

"Our experience with Taylor and Vandenbark Doodles was AMAZING from start to taking our baby Ruger home this morning. We couldn’t have chosen a better family to adopt our doodle from. Taylor is a rockstar and kept us updated daily with pictures of our pup, videos & everything expectant puppy parents want to see. Ruger was sent home with a care basket full of goodies and the most adorable personalized bandana. I know we made the BEST choice buying Ruger from Vandenbark Doodles, they care about their pups and we 1000% recommend them!"

-Ruger and Birney Family - Fort Collins, CO 

Bernedoodle Fort Collins, CO
Bernedoodle San Diego, CA

"Purchasing from Taylor was our very first experience with a breeder and we could not have been more thankful to find and work with her. From the very first time we spoke she was informative, patient, and kind. We not only found someone who would give us the happy healthy little puppy we were looking for, but a friend! Now as for the little guy we've brought home, we're so in love. He's intelligent, even tempered, and I can tell he was not only being taken care of but he was so loved in her home. She has gone above and beyond in every way in making this the easiest and most fun experience possible. Taylor, we thank you and your family so much, we couldn't be happier!"

-Bodie and Taylor - San Diego, CA

"Our experience working with Taylor, has been nothing but FANTASTIC!  We recently purchased one of Stella’s puppies, and we couldn’t be happier with our little “Boomer”.  He is simply an amazing little guy who is adorable, smart, loving, and so much fun!  From start to finish, the process with Taylor was more than we could have asked for, she did an excellent job keeping us up to date on the puppies, including their health, milestones, and even made sure to capture each puppies personality through out her updates.  Taylor and her family are wonderful people who treat all of their animals like a family member, and the love each puppy receives truly shows when they are brought home!  From the day Boomer arrived home, he was an absolute joy and the perfect addition to our family.  Taylor is wonderful to work with, very knowledgeable about the breed, and is always willing to answer any questions you might have.  Hands down, I would absolutely recommend Vandenbark Goldendoodles if you are in the market for a Goldendoodle puppy!"

-Boomer and Wernsman Family - Fleming, CO 

Bernedoodle Fleming, CO
Bernedoodle Colorado Springs, CO

"Thank you Taylor Vandenbark for Stark!!! He has been an amazing new member of my family, since 2/17/18. He definitely captured my heart and my family’s heart. He’s a Feisty little guy, and we love it! He’s normally calm until he gets the urge to play with Charlie my 4 year old Doodle. You were so kind to me and really kept me in mind when a spot came open. I was especially excited to be so lucky and chosen to be a Fur-Momma again. You and your family made the process so awesome. Sending updates, pictures, videos...that was always fun to receive. Thank you so much! 
Definitely recommend to my friends, family and anyone who’s looking for a Fur-Baby!"

Stark and Arauz Family, Colorado Springs, CO

I’m gonna keep this brief because I can’t recommend Taylor and Vandenbark Doodles enough! What a fantastic experience from start to finish. Taylor is super thorough about health, temperament, and preparation for transition. Our female Bernedoodle, Frankie, is the absolute light of our lives, and Taylor is a tremendous support.

Frankie and Leslie - Boulder, CO 

Goldendoodle Boulder, CO
Goldendoodle Broomfield, CO

The parents and puppies are well cared for. Taylor is easy to work with and has a true passion for breeding the best doodles for health and temperament. The puppies are well socialized and great with kids. Taylor is very thorough answering questions and performs genetic testing before breeding to ensure high quality litters. Highly recommend Vandenbark Doodles.

Dexter and Heffington Family- Broomfield, CO 

We looooved working with Taylor. As this was our first time getting a puppy, she was so helpful in answering all our questions and sent us pictures along the way. I love how she also creates group for each litter so we can see how their siblings are doing. Vandenbark Doodles is top notch and I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone in the future.

- Nessie and Hammond Family - Firestone, CO

Goldendoodle Firestone, CO
Goldendoodle Windsor, CO

Taylor is absolutely amazing! Our Frank is so sweet and has an amazing temperament. It is very evident that Taylor and her family love each and every one of their puppies. We are so thankful we found Vandenbark doodles. We will be repeat customers if we ever decide to add to our fur family.

Frank and Forsha Family- Windsor, CO 

If you are thinking about a Doodle look no further than Vandenbark Doodles. From my first inquisitive message to collecting our puppy, it went so smooth and easy. Taylor is fantastic to work with. The puppies are loved on everyday, which is evident in their behavior when they come home. If ever I decide on another Doodle I’ll be a repeat customer with Vandenbark Doodles.

Clementine and Patton Family- Aurora, CO 

Goldendoodle Aurora, CO

Taylor is absolutely amazing! Our Frank is so sweet and has an amazing temperament. It is very evident that Taylor and her family love each and every one of their puppies. We are so thankful we found Vandenbark doodles. We will be repeat customers if we ever decide to add to our fur family.

Frank and Forsha Family- Windsor, CO 

Bernedoodle Colorado

“We adopted an F1 standard-sized bernedoodle from Taylor in June 2019.  His name is George, and he is the light of our lives.  He is the sweetest, smartest, goofiest boy in the world, and we cannot imagine life without him.  He’s only 8 months, and folks are constantly stopping us, shocked, that he is so young.  He is calm (with fun, occasional puppy zoomies), never whines, fully potty trained, is great with other dogs and people, easy to train, obedient, and so loving and cuddly. 


Taylor has been an amazing support as well altering me to things I didn’t even know about.  For example, George has a herniated belly-button (not a big deal!), and she connected us with other families who had experienced the same thing, vets that would treat it for a very reasonable price, and even offered compensation.  Even 8 months down the line, she reaches out to check on us and George, and is always there when we need her. 


The puppy group we are a part of (George’s littermates) is also an incredible group of owners, and you can tell that Taylor is a great judge of character when it comes to who gets to take home her little darlings.  We have had several puppy play dates, and are constantly reaching out to one another with pictures, updates, and questions.  I have had many dogs, and never has a dog fit to seamlessly into my life.  He’s such a good boy, I can even bring him to work at Flywheel (if you ever want to stop by and meet him), and he has become the most loved studio employee- I’ve had people tell me they come solely see George.


Thank you so much Taylor!! We have definitely found our life-long breeder and cannot wait to get another amazing puppy from you!



George, Tessa, and Tyler”





Our Tango is simply the best little guy and Taylor has been open, honest, and direct with all communications related to his health. We appreciated many photos and videos of Tango in action with his litter-mates. Tango has such an amazing temperament. He is enjoying new experiences and loves to snuggle and be near people. It is obvious that he had many and consistent human interactions with Taylor's family. We truly couldn't be happier with our Vandenbark Doodle. Plus, he's a real cutie!



Tango, Odele - Bouler, CO

Goldendoodle Boulder, CO
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