Alison S.

Please note that our waiting lists do fill up fast!
Please fill out our puppy application to reserve your spot.

Effective December 2020 we are transitioning to a new master waitlist system. 

Vandenbark Doodles reserves the first 1-2 spots in every litter to be used at our discretion. 

Bernedoodle List:

Estimated availability for Bernedoodles Fall Nov 2021/Winter Feb 2022

Joshua C.

Danielle C.

Sarah L.

Stacy T.

Julie B.

Chelcie E. (Jan 22)

Dylan Q.  (Piper)

Farbod S. (summer 22)

Jennifer S.

Sarah H. (Piper)

Camille R.

Lian E.

Deborah S.

Kayla G. 

Isabelle D.

Kathryn H. 

Eric S. (Piper)

Kate S.

Nicole K.

Amanda H.

Kelle B.

Nicole D.

Thea P.

Erica M.

Matthew K.

Pamela P.

Russell H. (Summer 22)

Standard Goldendoodle List:

Estimated availability for Goldendoodles: Feb/March 2022 

Shannon M.

Jennifer C..

Ashley L.

Jessica B.

Nilsa M.

Leslie K.

Jeanne P. 

Stephanie G. 

Natasha B. 

Sophia F. 

Mini/Med Goldendoodle List:

Estimated availability for mini/ med Goldendoodles: Fall 2021

Alison S.

Eric M.

Sara B.

Bruce F.

Julie M.

Chloe N.

Jillian C.

Kendra P.

Nilsa M.

Shelese P. 

Jeanne P. 

Ashley N.

Stephanie G.

Stacey O. 

Natasha  B.

Australian Mountain Doodle List:

Sarah H. 

Deborah S.

Russell H.